Thursday, July 25, 2024
Luxury StylesPaneraiSuper clone Panerai PAM 1312 watch!

Super clone Panerai PAM 1312 watch!

Super clone Panerai PAM 1312 watch!

[VS Factory re-emerges to inherit the classics] Thinner, lighter and more realistic VS classic Panerai 2016 Luminor Marina series PAM1312 watch!

[Wonderful details] 44MMX13MM wide thick case is the soul of the watch, every polishing and brushing reflects the top domestic watchmaking technology, VS overcome Panerai layers of difficulties, mature mastery of every dead corner and details in the shell set. The effect and charm as fake.

Technological breakthroughs] The use of Shanghai 7750 to genuine PAM9010 ultra-thin movement. Remove 7750 excess module parts, remove criticism. Do thinner, lighter and more like the effect. At the same time greatly reduce the repair rate. The balance wheel position of the two movements is exactly the same. In addition to the rhodium-plated large and small plates, the ruby bearings on them are brightly coloured, and the light is flowing.

VS Factory’s products must be of high quality and welcome all watch enthusiasts to have a look at them!




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