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diving watchClone Rolex Submariner 40

Clone Rolex Submariner 40

Clone Rolex Submariner 40

VS factory to carry forward the V2 upgraded version of the new era of the ghost of water] a table, a card, a code, to make up for the market vacancy of the strongest price-performance Rolex Submariner 40MM watch shock release!
Technological Advantages

Diameter 40MM, water ghost equipped with genuine substitute ring mouth clean circle, green ghost emerald green translucent, black ghost deep as ink.

Word surface radial pattern glossy delicate, green match genuine, almost zero colour difference, luminous fill full, brightness lasting.

904 consumable steel to create a hard watch body, from inside to outside craftsmanship polished, case size data is perfectly restored, can be interoperable with the genuine accessories.

The strap is smooth, also 904L refined, the strap grain and buckle details are made chamfered and polished, soft and comfortable to the touch, no effort to operate.

The new generation 3135 calibre with real KIF shock absorber is more reliable and stable.

The waterproof performance is comparable to that of the genuine product – screwed-in bezel, back cover and winding crown system, jointed with the middle case, the waterproof performance of the consumable case is extremely demonstrated. VS has perfected the many shortcomings of the previous diver, and has given a higher price-performance ratio for the benefit of the majority of watch enthusiasts.

The VS Factory is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, and we welcome all watch enthusiasts to taste it!




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