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Luxurious styleLonginesFake Longines Masterpiece L2.909.4.78.3

Fake Longines Masterpiece L2.909.4.78.3

Fake Longines Masterpiece L2.909.4.78.3

3WF factory cracks recommended] Longines moon phase watch work, Longines Masterpiece Series L2.909.4.78.3 simple and elegant to show the calm demeanour!

[Functions synchronised with the original] Turn the head to the second gear bit can be independently fast-adjusting moon phase, independent fast-adjusting calendar function!

The case measures 40 x 11.5 mm. 3WF attentive research and development, do not spare any details, meticulous restoration of the unique elegant essence of the Masterpiece Series case, so that the wearer in the process of wearing both close to the hand, and comfortable. The willow leaf-shaped blued steel hardened hands (burnished steel blued baked hands) version and craftsmanship are synchronised with the genuine article. The moon phase function at six o’clock is the same as the original, one revolution a month, and the operation and adjustment methods are in line with the original, and the texture of the wheat ears on the dial is the same as that of the original, which is indistinguishable from the original by the naked eye. Matching – 316 steel belt with an Italian calfskin strap with Longines classic butterfly steel buckle.

[Movement] using the original imported SEIKO movement modified Longines L899 movement, time accurate!

Recognition with 6 accessories: [1. rubber jacket 2. cloth bag 3. leather strap 4. black hang tag 5. explain the instructions card 6. warranty card]

3WF Factory inside and outside the double repair masterpiece please all the way watch friends tasting!




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