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Luxury StylesRolexReplicas Rolex Greenwich ll 126710

Replicas Rolex Greenwich ll 126710

Replicas Rolex Greenwich ll 126710

VRS factory’s latest masterpiece wall crack recommended] thick accumulation of thin hair redefined Rolex latest version of the market’s highest version of the Rolex Greenwich ll upgraded version of the 126710 wristwatch stunning debut! (with cal.3186 original one-piece) launched the “exclusive” V2 version!

Shell set] using authentic imported 904L raw materials forging polishing and other processes, adhere to the commitment not to ordinary steel fish eyes for pearls!

[Movement] equipped with cal.3186 original version of the same function of the same movement, embodied in the following:

And the original version of the same GMT dual time zone hand at the bottom of the second layer above the hour hand, from bottom to top in the order of: hour hand – dual time zone hand – minutes – seconds.

The same as the original version by debugging the hour hand fast jump to adjust the function of the calendar!

[Bezel mouth] Rolex GMT II dazzling red and blue/black and blue/red and black ceramic bezel, the use of high-precision high-temperature firing and splicing technology, as well as laser-engraved neat dual time-zone scales, filled with platinum on the scale to set off a more elegant and luxurious! The overall view shows a sense of low-key yet luxury!

The 40mm diameter 904L Oyster case is sturdy and elegant!

VRS Factory’s craftsmanship is a masterpiece of classic interpretation! Welcome to all watch lovers!




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