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High luxury styleRICHARD MILLERichard Mille Super Clone RM052

Richard Mille Super Clone RM052

Richard Mille Super Clone RM052

A great achievement of ZF’s “ghost” work! — Richard Mille flagship poison — RM052 was born.

The 8 Replicas of the RM052

Four years of research and development, breaking through countless problems one by one!

Size 42.7 × 50 mm, the only product on the market that matches the original data.

The case, handle and clasp are made of titanium alloy, and the edges of the case and the skeleton are polished and over-polished, with exquisite craftsmanship, all in one piece.

All screws on the case are exactly the same size and shape as the original, and can be removed with a genuine screwdriver! Any version other than the ZF is a world away from the original!

Grade 5 titanium back cover is extremely high hardness, and the engraving on it is deep, not ordinary, and it is the only one in the market that can achieve this effect, which is the crystallisation of countless attempts, and it is also the pinnacle of the craftsmanship of replicas!

The ZF factory pays homage to the original, and on the left side of the skull inside the case, the model number RM052 is engraved in line with the original!

The front and rear sapphire glasses are coated with a light purple transparency-enhancing film that is consistent with the original, and the effect is exceptionally translucent, and the curvature of the glass has been adjusted again and again to ensure that there is no discrepancy between any of the details and the original.

Skeleton face dial is slightly curved, as natural as a human face, the expression is exquisite! It is really a “ghost” axe work of art.

Here ZF made a bold challenge, the human face on the skull as fine as sesame seeds on the five screws are movable disassembly of the real pentagonal screws.


Rubber strap, buckle and handle of the rubber ring, watch mirror, and the case of the screws can be genuine substitute accessories, is the only one on the market can do universal original manufacturers!
Because of love of watches, so the challenge.
Because I know watch, so exquisite!
ZF has sharpened a sword for four years, so please appreciate it!




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