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flight watchRolex Super Clone Day-Date 36mm

Rolex Super Clone Day-Date 36mm

Rolex Super Clone Day-Date 36mm

VRS factory wall cracks recommend the latest style rainbow gradient sapphire star] Rolex Day-Date 36mm series, this watch carries a lot of Rolex’s classic elements: dogtooth ring, presidential chain, bubble mirror, big gold watch, rainbow gradient gem series, etc., this series of wristwatches watch since the birth of the day, has always been Rolex’s most iconic and recognizable models, highlighting the brand’s image, the family! The facade of Rolex, reflecting the personality, taste, charm and strength!

[Movement] equipped with 2836 calibre, strong stability!

[Diameter] diameter 36MM; suitable for people with small wrists to wear!

[Surface] 10 square cut rainbow gradient colour sapphire, full star crystal diamonds!

Material: 904L steel!

[Mirror] Sapphire glass!

[Strap] the first three compartment arch links, head grain using five pieces of assembly, the buckle engraved details more in place, the overall more delicate and comfortable!

VRS Factory’s craftsmanship is welcome to your tasting!




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