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flight watchFake Rolex GMT-Master II

Fake Rolex GMT-Master II

Fake Rolex GMT-Master II

VRS factory’s latest masterpiece super replicas wall cracks recommended] thick thin hair redefinition Rolex GMT-Master II (equipped with cal. two kinds of movement 3186/3285 original one-piece machine) upgraded version 12670 watch stunning debut!


Movement 3186/3285 used is a one-piece movement blue hairspring and the original version of the same by debugging the hour hand fast jump to adjust the function of the calendar instantaneous jump, and the original version of the same GMT dual time zone hand at the bottom of the hour hand on the top of the second layer, from bottom to top of the order of: the hour hand – dual time zone hand – minutes – seconds.

Hands; upgraded electroplated white gold at any angle can be seen in its glossy feeling using a special needle tip process to ensure consistency with the original luminous powder selection of Swiss imports of blue-green luminescent filling perfect restoration of luminescent effect!

Dial; original molding three-dimensional printing plating white gold central axis sinking calendar sinking font size and colour with the original completely consistent, including the corners of the bar ding polished 12 words Bit crater polished to achieve a high degree of consistency!

Rings; the soul of this watch is also the factory spends a lot of time and effort in the place of each firing is an improvement in the factory ring mouth of the one-piece high-precision ceramic ring chromatic aberration must also be reduced to a minimum dark blue-black circle / red-blue circle / black circle / real ceramic are filled with white gold, the colour is now the closest to the original!

Calendar; new Rolex calendar using the new hook 4, VR to borrow to avoid the market many wrong version, the calendar font printing is quite clear and three-dimensional, magnified ten times still clear and three-dimensional without jagged!

Case strap; 904L steel cast embryo, in repeated hand polishing and shaping, 904L steel density small corrosion resistance strong scratch-resistant wear and other advantages. The overall perception shows a low-profile and a sense of luxury!

VRS Factory craftsmanship interpretation of the classic achievement of masterpieces welcome all kinds of watch friends tasting!




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